Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Yahoo does Video

Behold The Power of Yahoo. Kevin Nalty got his video featured on Yahoo!.

Here's what happened:
here’s what happened in the partial day “Lay Me Off” was featured:

* More than 636,000 views (that’s 50% of the total views I’ve gotten on ALL of my videos on YouTube to date)
* “Lay Me Off” in one day on Yahoo surpassed the total views of YouTube’s most popular video of the week, which has been featured for 6 days.
* Average rank: 2.5 (polarized ratings- mostly one or five stars)
* 2511 ratings and comments (.004 percent of the people commented)

I guess I'll try Vlog Soup: Episode 16 on Yahoo! Video.


  1. After the scathing comments, I doubt they'll feature me again. I wish they'd have selected another one of my stupid videos. But it's been great for CubeBreak.com and willvideoforfood.

    A "William Hung" moment, if you will.

  2. ... And then I had to yank it after a call from the HR folks at my company. Bummer...