Monday, July 24, 2006

Crazy Insane Mouse Pointer Kite

I've been emailing back and forth with Tim of Wind Fire Designs. He has the Mouse Pointer kite on his site. I first saw it on Lisa Williams blog and blogged about it here. Then I passed it along to Rocketboom and Bre Pettis as a good story idea.

The kite then ended up on Rocketboom today and Make Magazine's blog.

I asked Tim about all the exposure.

He emailed me back with the info that he is sending people when they contact him:
Thanks for the interest in our products.

So you are wondering about the cost of the cursor kite.

Well, in a way, so are we.... you see, to us the WindFire Cursor is a work of art with a strong performance potential. Currently, there are only two in the world. Thus, to us it is priceless. It is an asymmetrical Quad-line kite. This means it is highly controllable but also rather difficult to fly - let alone assemble. This is not your every day kite and not the kind of kite you can just buy and take out to fly. WindFire Designs does make a number of high end kites that we sell direct to consumers, and we also have a product that is available to mass market the Air-YO
For now at least, the WindFire Cursor is our magic trick. The kite is not for sale -- yet.

What can be done?

We are available for hire to perform with them (and all of our kites) at anything you can dream up. We specialize in kite performance and we can fly in all kinds of unlikely places.


Tim Elverston & Ruth Whiting
WindFire Designs

PS. Stay posted for the next kite in the WindFire OS series........
very cool.

Now on boingboing.

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