Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The One's

Just watched some of tonight's premiere of ABC's The One.

Three things stood out. The host, a judge and a contestant.

George Stroumboulopoulos - "Multi-hyphenate George Stroumboulopoulos has been an award-winning and extremely popular Canadian television and radio personality for over a decade."

Stroumboulopoulos? Dude, you're no Ryan Seacrest. ;-)

Mark Hudson - "His career as a performer began in the 1970s as one of the members of the Hudson Brothers."

Mark, what the hell are you thinking? You used to be cute.

Jadyn Maria
, age 21, was born in Puerto Rico, then was raised in Nashville, Tennessee.

Jadyn, you are cute. Let's hear you SING!

One thing that bothered me was that you couldn't hear the contestants singing. Over on Rockstar, you can clearly hear those contestants ROCK!


  1. Going to be watching The One today. I like Rock Star, and especially the girl that did Zombie last night. I do like the guy from Manchester, but just not right for that band.

  2. Rockstar really does rock.

    My favorite on Rockstar is Brooke Burke. She rocks. Dave Navaro is pretty cool too. He's like the Donald Trump of rock.

    One thing that's weird on Rockstar is that the crowd goes insane for mediocre acts.

    It'd be better if the producers let the crowd react normally instead of having them go insane from the start.

    That guy from Iceland, Magni, is growing on me. I really like Storm too.

    Lucas is pretty theatrical in a White Wedding sort of way.

    I like Jenny, but not for this band.

    I wish they'd put hte reality show up on TV. I find it easier to watch these shows on my TiVo vs. streamed on my computer.

  3. Anonymous2:47 AM

    one thing thats been drivin me nuts about the premiere of "The One" and
    Jadyn Maria's appearance on it as a contestant is that she's not some no-name random girl plucked off the street for this reality show and no one has mentioned it: she's had an impressive duet with a certain Christian music artist repeatedly played on Christian radio, she's been in an Herbal Essences commercial with her song playing in the background, and she's got fansites floating around on the web. Heck, I first heard of her two years ago when I was given some randomly downloaded music (most of it being Christian), and I was intrigued my the two songs being sung by her. I guess maybe she wants to branch out from the Christian music scene and get popularity through mainstream/secular airwaves first. Although you couldn't hear a word she was singing last night (largely due to the ridiculously-loud instrumentals in the background), I know she has a great tone and diversity to her voice (almost sounds like Stacie Orrico)and hopefully she can prove herself later... maybe enough to even win! After all, almost everyone else on the show sucks if you ask me...