Sunday, July 16, 2006

Content Networks are the New Blogs

Chris Brogan has a revelation:
NOW, today, this very second, it's no longer good enough to keep your standalone blog. You must throw in with the people around you who do similar things. You must build value. You must deliver something consistent, useful, powerful, that will reach the audience who likes your stuff, in such a way that it engages you.
Then again you could also just keep posting to your own blog, for an audience of one. I like Chris' enthusiasm for bringing people together, but I don't see the urgency.

Why isn't a standalone blog good enough?

I think that everyone has a story to tell and collaborating is great, but maybe the content can live in both places. Both on personal blog site AND on a group site.

Take a look at Universal Hub. Adam Gaffin reads 100's of Boston area blogs and highlights his favorite posts.

Why must you build value?

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  1. Anonymous5:15 PM


    I'd have to agree with you in questioning whether content networks are king, but I know Chris believes strongly in them.

    I think that content networks are one model that can work, but so are standalone blogs and hubs. Take a look at the Corante Marketing Hub, which combines original content for the site as well as aggregated posts from bloggers whose writing matches the focus of the hub.

    --Bryan Person