Tuesday, July 18, 2006

How will we ever know?

Tonight on Christopher Lydon's Open Source, From the Israeli Side of the Border.

Joshua Hendrickson writes in the comments prior to tonight's show:
"For me, this whole issue is simply awash in religious insanity, with two Semitic peoples of differing-yet-related monotheistic faiths slaughtering and hating one another and pumping their own sides full of righteous fervor. I think Israelis and Muslims have all behaved abominably over this disputed chunk of “holy” dirt and that the sooner they throw over their ridiculous religious beliefs and recognize the uselessness of their endeavors, the better it will be for everyone. But then, as I well understand, if that were to happen, none of us would be living on planet Earth any longer, but in a godless paradise.
Atheists aren’t perfect, and we have our own reasons for our own despicable behaviors, but by God, God isn’t one of them. For the believer, God is ALL of the reason, and that is just insane. Maybe if the world was populated entirely by secular humanists, our society(ies) would be just as screwed up, just as violent and cruel. But how will we ever know?"

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