Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Google Storm Large

This is what you find when you Google Rockstar contestant 'Storm Large':

Storm Large and The Balls.

Storm Large on MySpace.

Storm and The Balls by Laura Domela

Storm Large
by Laura Domela


  1. Anonymous12:48 PM

    So bad girl cute. Why are you blogging about this though? That's the real question! *wicked grin*

  2. Hey CC,
    The actual reason why I blogged about this is because Tommy Lee said he wanted to see more of Storm Large.

    She replied that is only takes six letters to see more of her, G_O_O_G_L_E.

    So her comment worked, I googled her, and decided to share what I found.


  3. Anonymous2:31 AM

    Two words "Bad Ass". Storm is hot.

  4. Anonymous1:16 AM

    So here I am googling "Storm Large" looking for mp3's (not nudey pics as most others are) and the 5th result is.... Steve Garfield - just made me laugh. I didn't know you watched this show. Hope you're doing well - and Carol, and your mom. Maybe once the summer's over I'll get back to vlogging.
    But right now I'm too busy loving me some sweet mindless summer reality tv (and loving me some Gilby Clark) :)

  5. Anonymous2:06 AM

    She is indeed.

  6. Anonymous2:07 AM

    She is indeed.

  7. Anonymous9:34 PM

    check this out....