Friday, July 14, 2006

Elder Cell Phone

I've been looking around for a phone for my mom. She's 80, and wants to have a cell phone.

This Virgin Mobile K10 Royale Phone looks like a good choice to me.

It's $19.99 - Web Special Price, then $6.99 / month and .10 per minute. Seems like the best plan out there for someone who isn't going to use a phone that much.

I hear that cell phone companies are finally looking into making phones with bigger buttons and numbers for those with failing sight, but haven't seen any yet.

Do you think this is a good one?


  1. I also heard that they were going to make phones that had a faux dial tone when the user opened it -- as there was some research to indicate that that was important to older users... knowing when it was on or "ready" to make a call.

  2. You know what would be good for elders, if they made a cell phone version of an old Ma Bell phone.

    No question about how to work one of those.

  3. The already make this kid phone. Why not the other way too.....