Thursday, July 13, 2006

Second Life

Camille Dodero's Phoenix article on Second Life just went online, Does your life suck?.

We talked on the phone and I told her about my experiences in Second Life, trying to figure everything out.

She talks about what happens to a lot of people when they first get started, lots of falling:
It took me a while to learn to control my avatar. I’d press the wrong key and end up descending into what appeared to be solid ground . . . sinking, sinking, sinking. Apparently, my steep learning curve isn’t unusual. “Someone was asking me what Second Life was,” says Boston-based video producer and video-blogger (a/k/a “vlogger”) icon Steve Garfield, who set up an SL account in May to attend a Harvard Berkman conference in both real life and Second Life simultaneously. “I’m like, ‘I went to go check out this conference center, and I fell in the water, and I walked around on the bottom of the water, and I flew out of there. Then I bought a Devo hat and it took me a half-hour to figure out how to put it on.’”
It's a seven page article online. I'll pick up a hard copy tomorrow. Nice job.

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