Monday, July 10, 2006

Three Way Cable Splitter

For those of you who are interested in the results of the follow up visit from Comcast regarding my direct modem line being disconnected, here's the story.

Yes, my dedicated line was disconnected. In addition, it has been deactivated. Now no signal is coming in on it.

The three-way splitter is now feeding two modems and one TV.

The Comcast technician moved my modem which is on the third floor to the 3.5db output since my cable has the farthest way to go. The other modem and TV are on 7db output.

There's a thread over here talking about the different Cable Splitter outputs. Good luck understanding it.

The Comcast technician sys not to believe the online speed tests. Just look at how fast pages load.

His line testing tool says that the signal up to the third floor is good.

The pages do load pretty quickly.

Now all I need is a new router that doesn't have a 10MB limit. How do you like the Linksys WRT54G? My initial research leads me to believe that the WRT54GL is a better choice.


  1. The only thing that bothers me about the page loading scheme, it also depends on what cookies are on your system. Bandwidth test are accurate and I would think he used that excuse to get out of work. My offer still stands for some cabeling.....

  2. Same as the last guy.

    The problem is that I think the last guy cut the cable at the box, therefore I get not signal on the dedicated line anymore.

  3. The G router is good, and I believe that's the one you can get third party firmware for. Something about an open wi-fi world or something. I have an earlier model (non-wireless) by linksys, and I picked up a compact G a few months ago.

    Just be sure to set a new password... and then write it down. I always forget to do one or the other, and have to completely reset the thing to factory defaults.

  4. Thanks Rebecca,
    the new version of the G does not allow third party firmware. Linksys changed it, so that's why I'm looking at the L version.

  5. All i would need to do is put a new connector on it and screw it on. Simple fix if he just cut it at the box. I will just bring my stuff to the next BMM meeting. If you want to I will help if not I will drive home. LoL

  6. Jeff,
    By moving me to a split line am I loosing signal upstairs vs. being on a dedicated line?

  7. I actually use a adsl 2 router that came with my dsl connection then an air port extreme base station to send wireless. With this relativly inexpensive rig I can use wire less anything throughout my house and almost anywher on my 10 acer piece of land that my house is in the center of.

  8. Yeah, my understanding is that the "L" router is the 'third party firmware' one.

    I believe the 'L' stands for Linux, cause that's what's running inside, and that makes it very customizable.

    It's the one I'm gonna upgrade to soon.