Friday, July 14, 2006

Video: Ravi Jain on Fox25

First Big Dig Driver Shaken by Tragedy.

Ravi was on Fox 25 last night talking about the tunnel tragedy and looks back on being the first to drive through the tunnel when it opened.

I was the first backseat passenger with a video camera. ;-) Here's my video from the day the I-90 connector opened. [ Video ]

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  1. The progression of how our Transportation Pioneering entourage grew over the course of each successive feat was like the evolution of Tintin's own circle in his adventures.

    First it was just me and Stefan.

    Then for the Acela/3Speed2000 adventure we had our first official documentarian (Carol Waldmann), as well as a third pioneer (John Carrera).

    Then for this I-90 opening we had you *and* a globe reporter embedded in the backseat.

    And finally by the time we were last on the elevated, it was me, Stefan, videographer (Sonia), globe reporter and globe photographer!

    As good as any reason to stop what we were doing -- we had no more room! ;-)