Friday, July 14, 2006

We can be intermediated

"1) We are living in a media-saturated society. What does this mean?
2) This blog explores how we can be ‘intermediated’. How we use the media tools available to make meaning of ourselves and the world around us.
3) This site has no rules, and these three points are not reliable guidelines either."
Nice to find Raymond's new blog and I'm happy to see Michael Meiser there too along with a lot of intelligent commenters.

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  1. I know you're a busy man Steve. But we're looking for a few different voices over there. It's just conversational stuff. I think right now we're going for a post a week. Focusing on driving conversation THROUGH the comments. It's sort of the opposite of evivlog. Where evivlog is anarchical, we're trying to stay on the core issues with only a couple posts a week and drive conversation through the comments.

    Regarding that email I sent to you earlier:

    Please feel free to make your comments publicly. I already recieved an email from Michael Verdi who must have an alert on the wikipedia article. His feedback was very positive Specifically my addittions to wikipedia were favorable enough to recieve a !!! in his response. I'm so very glad you guys like it.

    If only because it means I haven't gone completely off my rocker yet. ;)