Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Critically analyzing popular media

I'm headed down to the Woods Hole Film Festival today to see John Herman, Anna van Someren and David Tamés in the panel Media Literacy in the 21st Century.
This seminar introduces media makers to the process of critically analyzing popular media including broadcast television, film, and internet video. Much of the media we consume reinforces stereotypes, distorts the news, and distracts from the critical issues of the day. By learning how to look at the media we consume as well as make critically, we can develop an enhanced awareness of how the messages delivered through media influence ourselves, others, and the society we live in. We can harness media to make positive contributors to society, challenge cynicism and apathy, and serve as agents of social change.
All three are friends and I'm sure I'll meet lots of interesting people prior to the seminar. The cool thing about the Woods Hole Film Festival is that the hallways are outside!

All the best connections happen in the hallways at these things.

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