Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Comcast Rep Joins TiVo Community

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Comcast Rep on AVS forum - TiVo Community:
"As I noted in my earlier post, there will be a software release coming in the next several weeks that will address many of the reported issues, including some of the complaints users have had with Suggestions behavior (including the intrusiveness of the prompts), improvements to the HD filter on the guide, and Dolby Digital output will work correctly on DCH set-top boxes."
Comcast is taking a step into social media.

Comcast Rep posts about an upcoming upgrade to the Comcast TiVo box which addresses my issue with the guide.

Thanks Brian for letting me know that Comcast Rep is out there. Comcast Rep is on the AVS forum too.

Good idea to join the existing discussion where the people are. It would be better if you used a real name though... :-)

Next up, replying to blog posts on blogs.


  1. Steve, where's the link love? or!

    As for real names, I use my domain name as a user name in these forums, for two reasons. One, it's significantly shorter to type as a log in. Two, I use my domain as my OpenID, and in all my signatures I link directly to my homepage which has my full, real name in all it's H1 glory. So I'm certainly hiding from no one. :-)


    PS- i tried to change my display name for gmail/blogger weeks ago, but i guess it didn't take!

    I haven't called your exec contact yet. The techs are working on my box right now, remotely. I'll post updates on the forum and my blog when they happen.

    I too, applaud Comcast's presence in the community forums. A big step forward.

  2. Brian,
    Add a link for you.

    Hope you get a million hits.

  3. How has Comcast's TiVo been treating you? From your first review, it didn't seem like a great switch. Was it an improvement over the old software or do you kind of want to go back?

  4. Comcast TiVo has been working for me.

    It's way better than the Comcast DVR.

    One of the benefits is that you now have On Demand on the TiVo remote and that makes it easy to watch both free and pay per view shows.

    Comcast is coming out with a software update within a few weeks, so I hope that solves some of the lag issues I'm having.

    Last night we watched a bunch of Movie previews. Never would have done that before Comcast TiVo.