Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bo Burnham Web Links!

Nonfamily humor, straight from home - The Boston Globe:
"Bo knows satire. Bo knows viral video. Bo knows his song lyrics won't fly in a family newspaper, but Bo doesn't take it personally.

'Most of my songs make fun of myself,' Bo Burnham says, defending his taste for R-rated material. 'They're about stuff kids my age normally wouldn't laugh at, except they do.'"
Once again the Boston Globe posts a story to where the main subject of the story is a kid with a website and a bunch of funny YouTube videos, but they don't take the time to link to any of the videos.

They don't even link to Bo's website.

So here you go. I'll save you the time of doing gogle searches to find all this stuff and link to it right here:

Bo Burnham

YouTube Channel

Selected Videos mentioned in the article:

My Whole Family...


Perfect Woman

I've emailed the Globe to see if we can resolve this longstanding problem with the Globe hardly ever linking to websites from stories on

Last night I met a few people from the Globe and they tell me that the ability to comment on articles is coming in a few weeks.

Yay, progress.


  1. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Now if we could only get the globe to stop the pop-up ads! I saw this article yesterday as well...Bo is amazing!

  2. They can't put links in the stories, but they have no problem linking to one of your videos right on the front page yesterday. Are you a paid contributor? Are you biting the hand that feeds you, or vice versa?

  3. I am not a paid Boston Globe contributor. They are now highlighting local bloggers and it's great!

    The Globe is getting better.