Monday, February 18, 2008

I got Spam Text Messages on my iPhone from

I just got an unsolicited text message on my cell phone from 882-30:
b4p: Ur PIN is ... Enter it online now or reply OK 2get Ur chance 2win $1k iTunes GiftCard,$100/m,$10,000/m,or $1,000,000. $9.99/m. Rules+T&
Then minutes later I received a follow up unsolicited text message:
U have not submitted ur pin. Reply OK to get a chance 2win $50k or a Sony Laptop as a premium mbr! rules/t&c @ 800-861-7414 9/99/m be out next winner now!
I went to their website and called and left a voice message.
They had better not send me another text message.


  1. Anonymous11:12 AM

    I am having a similar experience. I recently received a text message on my cell phone. "FR:810-00 Reply OK for your chance 2win a new BMW or $50k on Bid4Prizes! New prizes everyday! Reply help 4 help,"
    I ignored the message. I received more like it. I tried to contact My internet service provider told me that the page was not available.
    My cellphone provider (Verizon) suggested that I use the reply feature on my device to send back a message "Stop". I did that this morning, and I immediately received a text message marked *Urgent*. It said that my subscription has been stopped, asked me to call 800-861-7414, and promised that I will receive no more messages. I have no intention of calling anyone but the Federal Communications Commission.

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  3. Yeah I got this on my T-Mobile phone for some junk about test my IQ.

    I ignored it as well, but then a few days later it sent me some trivia question. Getting worried that I was going to be illegally charged $9.99 a month for something I did not consent to, I replied back "STOP".

    My billing period ends on 4/24 and I canceled that account, so we'll see if I do get a $9.99 charge or not. I'm now using my work iphone exclusively. No reason for me to carry a work phone and personal phone when they don't care how I use the work phone being that we have so many minutes available.