Friday, February 08, 2008

Microsoft to Buy Ustream?

Microsoft to Buy Ustream?:
"the company though is shifting focus away from lifecasting and onto eventcasting. “We are certainly focused on the eventcasting,” said (Ustream CEO Chuck) Wallace. “We have a great platform and we welcome everybody, but our focus is certainly on these deeper events.”"
Hmm eventcasting...

Storycasting anyone?

Google search for storycasting:

Results 1,430.

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  1. We are, a new website that will go 'live' in late April 2008. We offer readers a chance to pick books they have read, identify favorite characters, and then 'cast' current movie stars in the roles. Each cast is like a vote for that actor, and all casts aggregate so that the "consensus favorites" bubble to the top. The page for that work shows the top casts, plus comments by readers. Authors are excited to 'have their say' and then see how their fans cast the characters they created.
    "for the movie in your mind"