Monday, February 18, 2008

I got Spam Text Messages on my iPhone from Thumbplay

From 480-00 ur Thumbplay password. Enter it online or reply for BONUS ringtones. Terms at Text HELP for help. Must be 18+. $9.99/mo +Std rates

Update 2/18/07:
Thumbplay called and told me that they do not send out spam text messages... They'll explain in the comments.



  1. Anonymous1:16 PM


    First of all, I wanted to thank you for this opportunity to post a response on your blog. It was a pleasure speaking with you earlier this week.

    For those of your readers who may not be aware of who or what Thumbplay is, we are the largest and fastest-growing mobile entertainment content destination in the U.S. with more than 80,000 pieces of licensed content from the world’s leading music labels & artists, game publishers and media companies.

    It appears that you received the password message to your iPhone in error. It seems that someone was attempting to sign-up for Thumbplay’s subscription services and mistakenly entered your mobile number instead of theirs. Most likely, this happened because both your mobile numbers are similar. To protect consumers from this type of human error, Thumbplay adheres to the Mobile Marketing Association’s Consumer Best Practices Guidelines and requires a ‘double opt-in’ practice to confirm a purchase.

    The way our sign-up process works is as follows:

    1. A customer visits and chooses a piece of content (e.g., a ringtone, game, piece of wallpaper, etc.) that they’re interested in purchasing and downloading to their mobile phone.

    2. The user then enters their mobile phone number online.

    3. The mobile device receives a text message which contains a 4 digit password that needs to be entered online again to complete the sign-up process.

    The above approach is known as a ‘double opt-in’ process. The ‘double opt-in’ prevents erroneous and malicious subscriptions and also provides an audit trail for the mobile retailer. I’m confident that this was simply a case of a person “fat-fingering” their own number, which accidentally sent the password message to your device and not to their own.

    I hope this addresses your concerns.


    Michael Biondo

    Sr Director, Customer Support

    T +1 646.808.1536 / +1 201.887.5615
    F +1 212.651.1796
    Thumbplay, Inc.
    599 Broadway, 8th Floor
    New York, NY 10012

  2. Jim Durbin1:36 PM

    I got the same kind of thing from 390-00 but I did not respond to the initial text and did NOT go to the website, nor did I enter any passcode. The very next text I got said I was "registered". '' was the only clue but I Googled and came up with nothing. I was charged 9.99 on 2 seperate phones. Very maddening!!

  3. I received 41 unsolicited text messages from Mozoot in a 4 hour period and Mozoot billed me $410. I never signed up with them and had never heard of them before and they ignored my cancel notices on the phone and via email.

    Verizon is trying to say that they are just the middlemen and can not help. Mozoot has offered to send a refund check in 12 weeks - but there is now way I will ever pay the bill so a refund won't help much.

    If you receive text messages from Mozoot - check your phone bill immediately and start the dispute. Mozoot is a scam biller and needs to be shut down. DO NOT PAY MOZOOT!!!

  4. Anonymous10:54 AM

    Mozoot ripped me off, too. I sent "stop" to their texts twice. Had to email support and offer legal action to make them cancel. Tried to email again for refund, but the seem to have shut it down. I called ATT and they will provide a refund. A blog. comment on Yahoo says if you saved Mozoot text,they can be sued. I also recommend an FCC complaint at