Sunday, February 10, 2008

CNN Delegate Scorecard Excluding Superdelegates

The Real Delegate Count 02/10/08

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Election Center 2008: Delegate Scorecard - Elections & Politics news from

Since no one else is going to do it, here's the actual pledged Democratic primary delegate count. Why they continue to highlight superdelegates is troubling me. It's like the media wants to hold on to the idea of Hilary Clinton as the front runner.

They should break their reporting down to show actual delegates, and then as a secondary report, put in superdelegates.

At the convention the superdelegates can vote any way they want, and could all then vote for the presumptive favorite candidate.

Maybe I'm wrong, but if there is that possibility, why continue to include superdeledates as the main tally of delegates.

If you see any news outlet excluding superdelegates in their main tally, I'd love to hear about it and send them a thank you note.

The Boston Globe reports the non superdelegte count in the eighth paragraph of this story, Obama sweeps; Huckabee is strong:
Heading into yesterday's contests, Clinton held a small lead over Obama in the delegate count, 1,055 to 998, according to an Associated Press tally, which includes the results of primaries and caucuses, plus a survey of unpledged superdelegates. But Obama's campaign said last night that after his wins, he leads Clinton by about 70 delegates among those awarded in actual contests.
At least I think it's the non superdelegate count. Not sure where the number 70 comes from. That's the problem.

796 Insiders May Hold Democrats' Key:
With more than half of the superdelegates unclaimed, both campaigns remain hard at work. And even those whom they believe are secure could move. Arceneaux, the Baton Rouge delegate whose husband was named by Clinton in the 1990s as head of Sallie Mae, the nation's largest student loan company, said she is well aware of the fact that superdelegates are not firmly bound to a candidate until they stand up at the convention in August.

"I always have the option of changing my mind," she said.


  1. Meet the Press is talking about Super Delegates this morning. I won't stay inside to watch it, but thought I'd let you know, they showed different numbers during the opening intro then what you have posted. Ugh, I'm not sure anyone knows what the numbers are!

  2. pretty funny superdelegate video....