Thursday, February 14, 2008

She didn't copyright the images before posting them

A seal of approval - The Boston Globe:
"'Yes, folks, I witnessed John Mayer in a man thong. It pretty much made my life,' (Erin ) Horgan wrote on her blog. But Horgan's not so happy that she didn't copyright the images before posting them. Now, 60,000 page views later, her pictures are popping up all over, and she's not getting paid. 'I just wanted to show my girlfriends some funny pictures.'"
Aren't they copy-written by default?

Borrowing Images from the Web: An FAQ

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  1. They are copywritten by default, but that only entitles you to provable damages. Statutory damages can only come in when you file your copyright. You have a fixed amount of time from initial publishing to file for your copyright, so she still has time.