Saturday, February 02, 2008

Four Memes I've Been in My Life

Salmon with Mango Salsa

Chris Brogan explains meme's to us on his blog this morning. Sometimes I particiapate, sometimes I don't.

Lots of posts here are links to other things I find interesting, and other posts are explanations of things I've figured out so you don't have to, while other posts prompt companies to improve their products or provide better service.

My mom likes the posts where I tell stories. I like them too.

Memes are a shortcut way to tell a story without having to write a lot.

So here goes...

Four jobs I’ve had in my life:
1. Department store sign maker. First paid job ever. Used ink and wooden type.
2. Programmer. Bank teller terminals and ATMs. Spaghetti code reviser.
3. Computer sales. Northeast Computer Stores and then CompUSA corporate sales.
4. Radio producer. Eagle 93.7 in Boston.

Four TV shows I DVR:
1. Lost. Glad it's back.
2. American Idol. Glad they let pros in this year.
3. The Office. Glad I don't work there.
4. Curb Your Enthusiasm. Glad it's on cable.

Four places I’ve Been:
1. Brugge, Belgium. Hmm... Beer.
2. Capri, Italy. Beautiful
3. London. Looking forward to a trip back.
4. Paris. Wine and cheese in sidewalk cafes.

Four favorite foods:
1. Salmon. Healthy!
2. Fruit, Yoghurt, and Wheetabix. Breakfast!
3. Pasta, Meatballs, and Sauce. Love this on a cold night.
4. Trader Joe's Fettuccine with vegetables. Quick and easy!

If you want to join in, post your answers on your blog and put a link in the comments.

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via [ Chris Brogan Memes and Why They Matter ]


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  2. Four memes I've been in my life:
    . Broadcaster. Engineer. WBFO-FM Buffalo New York radio 88.7
    . Library. Design-Science International
    . Better Business Bureau
    . Baker. Bova Bakery. North End.

    Four TV or radio broadcasts I catch:
    . House, M.D.
    . Richard Engle segments on NBCNews
    . On the Media
    . Charlie Rose

    Four places I’ve Been:
    . St. Michel L'Observatoire
    . Eisenhower Presidential Library Abilene Kansas
    . Saranac Lake, New York
    . Lake Placid, New York
    . Lake Tear of the Clouds

    Four favorite foods:
    . Kiwi
    . Cucumber
    . Ice Cream
    . Lamb roasted or braised served with mint vinegar