Monday, January 19, 2009

Mac to HD TV via DVI to HDMI to watch 24 on Hulu

Chris Brogan's tweet popped up on twhirl, on my HD TV, while I was watching 24 via hulu on my MacBook Pro connected via DVI to HDMI!

THIS is the future of internet connected TV's. It's not a siloed selection of the content chosen by TV manufacturers. It's the WHOLE thing! Having Chris' message pop up on my TV made me think of all the manufacturers at CES who were touting integration with internet applications. Things like Yahoo! widgets, Panasonic Viera Cast, and TiVo YouTube integration. It's all selected programming. That's not good enough for me.

Free an open internet access on a display, which just happens to be a TV, is the future.

The reason I connected my laptop to the TV is because my TiVo died and my episodes of 24 were gone. So that prompted me to look at where I could watch this past week's 24. It wasn't on Comcast's On Demand. It was on the Apple iTunes store for $2.99 each. It was on Hulu for free with 'limited commercial interruption.'

So we watched it on Hulu.

The commercials were short and we didn't mind watching them for the benefit of being able to see 24. With all the uproar of putting ads on online video, seeing these ads along with 24 wasn't invasive at all. In fact, watching 24, streamed from Hulu, on TV, made me forget I was watching video on the internet. I was just watching 24 on TV.

The days of crappy YouTube video are fading fast.

High quality streaming video is where it's at. This was an eye opening experience. At times there were buffering issues, but they didn't degrade the enjoyment of watching the video.


  1. This is definitely the future. And if you watch it through Boxee, you can use your Apple remote.

    Most of my favorite shows are online already (Daily Show, Office...) and I know that more will be coming soon.

    I just canceled my cable service and I'm not looking back. All of the cool kids are doing it.

  2. Yes. I have Boxee and will be trying it next.

  3. I really love using our Mac mini at home as an Internet-connected video/audio device. It's permanently attached to our HDTV via DVI-HDMI cable, and connected to our audio system via TOSlink optical audio. Looks and sounds great. I use Apple's FrontRow, Boxee and sometimes just Safari and Universal Access screen zoom to watch something I can't get outside a browser. I control the unit either by bluetooth keyboard/mouse or by screen sharing (VNC) from my MacBook Pro

    Boxee is the newest component, and has a lot of potential. Good 8-foot interface.

    Since the Mac mini is on my network, and I have an AirPort Express, I can beam my music to multiple rooms from iTunes. I can also control iTunes from the free Remote app for my iPhone, via WiFi.

    Tip: you can wake and sleep your Mac, with or without a display on, with the Apple IR remote. Press play/pause to wake. Press and hold Play/pause for 5 seconds to sleep.

    The future of TV is on the Internet.

  4. Your Mac should recognize the format and resolution of the TV, and automatically select the native resolution of the TV for running the video. In a few seconds, you should see the Mac desktop on the HDTV.Once you have your Mac and HDTV working together, it's time to kick back and watch a video from your Mac.