Thursday, January 29, 2009

US Airways Broke My Zipper, Doesn't Care


On my flight out to CES I had to gate check my luggage. Instead of collecting it when getting off the plane, they sent it out to the baggage carousel.

If I had known ahead of time that my baggage was going to be checked I could have taken a much larger suircase. I came back from CES with so much stuff that I had to buy a suitcase at the local ABC store. Great store.

Back to my story...

When I collected my luggage at baggae claim I saw that the zipper pulls on the outside compartment were completly torn off.


I sent this message to US Airways:
Flight 179, 1/6/09, Boston to Las Vegas. Zipper broken. The part you hold on to, to zip and unzip the luggage has been completely torn off. I never check my luggage, but had to gate check my carry on.
US Airways response:
Dear Mr. Garfield,

Thank you for contacting the Central Baggage Resolution Office at US Airways. I apologize for the length of time it has taken us to address your email.

I am sorry to hear of this unfortunate incident. However, regret we are unable to honor your request for compensation toward your damaged bag. In accordance with our published tariffs, US Airways is not liable for damage to baggage which does not impair the ability of the baggage to provide suitable packaging and protection for the contents. This would include damage or loss to protruding baggage parts such as wheels, straps, pockets, pull handles (including internal pull-type), zippers, hooks or other items attached to baggage; as well as damage or loss due to normal wear and tear, manufacturer's defects, or over packed luggage.

I appreciate this opportunity to explain our position and sincerely hope we can restore your confidence in our service.


Central Baggage Resolution Office
US Airways
That's unfortunate.

They broke it.

I guess if they walked into a china shop and and broke a bunch of tea cup handles they wouldn't feel the need to reimburse the store since the tea cups would still be able to hold tea.

Serious Pansies
Serious Pansies by talekinker, on Flickr CC BY-NC

Update 2/23/09:

The zipper hospital fixed my zipper for $18.


  1. Anonymous5:39 PM

    File a claim in Small Claims Court. They may well just let you collect a default judgment.

  2. US Airways all too classic of a story. At least they got you to where you were trying to go.

  3. @chris The flights were great, on time. Everything went smoothly.

    It's just that when I carry on my luggage I treat it well and it lasts a long time.

    They took it away from me and gave it to a gorilla.

  4. So, I don't understand. Does (well, did) the zipper still close? If not, that totally flies (excuse the pun) in the face of the statement that "we're not responsible if the bag can still protect your items" -- because if the bloody bag can't close it provides no protection whatsoever!

  5. The zipper was broken off the secondary compartment, so the main zipper was still intact.