Monday, January 26, 2009

Unscientific Survey says Boston University students get their news from the Web

BU COM 101

In an unscientific survey released today BU students get their news from:

Web 60
Newspapers 30
TV 24
Radio 14
Cellphones 9

Out of 60 students surveyed.

This semester's JO540 class started today with a session talking about Blogs. What they are, how to find them, subscribe and share.

I always find it interesting to see where students get their news so I did a quick survey in class and posted it here.

Surprisingly newspapers came in second, ahead of TV.


  1. Interesting survey. My unscientific assumption based on how I got news when I was at BU a few years ago would be that the newspapers came ahead of TV because they are all over the campus and more easily accessible and viewable during the day than TV.

    For instance, by the entrances of the COM building and other buildings on campus there are usually copies of the Daily Free Press and, sometimes, the Boston Globe.

  2. I think Lisa's right. I barely pick up physical newspapers these days, simply because the papers have started putting the same content (and more) online. But when I was in school, I would definitely read the campus paper.

    Interesting stuff. And great demonstration, Steve.

    -Rima /