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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Recap: CES DAY 1

I woke up to an interesting view outside my Planet Hollywood Hotel room. I'd have to say, next to the Hard Rock Hotel, this hotel has the coolest music.

The View from Planet Hollywood

Jeff Cutler picked me up and drove me over to the Venetioan. Lots of construction going on in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Construction

I dropped in to the Social Media Jungle and heard Chris Heur speak.

Chris Heur at Social Media Jungle

I went ot a bunch of press conferences today, but the most interesting thing of the morning was Jeff Cutler's interview with the Pico Projector people:

Very very small iPhone movie projector

Click the photo to watch the video.

Then I met up with Greg Verdino for the Panasonic press conference:

Greg Verdino at Panasonic Press Conference

Joe Jaffe was there too:

Greg Verdino and Joe Jaffe

Crayon brought me out here as a guest of Panasonic and I thank them for that. These two guys were also covering the press conference for Engadget:

Engadget at Panasonic Press Conference

The coolest thing was the 1/3" HD TV:

Really Really Really Thin Panasonic TV

Click the photo to watch the video.

Later, we had a nice dinner with Panasonic executives. They are really interested in listening. I liked that. I also like PF Changs. I'd never been there and these cucumbers were AMAZING:

PF Changs Cucumbers in HD

I also got all these cameras to try out:

Panasonic SDR-SW20, SD100, G1

They all have a different way of charging. I hope the electronics community standardizes on one way soon:

Three Different Chargers

I'm looking forward to using these camera's tomorrow. I grabbed Greg's camera and took some amazing shots with it. I told him to put them up on hos flickr account. The Panasonic Lumix G1 has a 14 mm lens so I'm excited to head out to the show floor tomorrow nad shoot some photos with it.

I wish we were able to try the newer HD video camera, since I heard it shoots MPEG-4 H.264. I'll report back on the process of shooting HD video and editing with the SD 100. The SW20 works under water too, not sure how I might test that.

See you tomorrow.