Wednesday, January 21, 2009

CC Chapman Submits his first iReport, gets interviewed on Live

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CC CHapman writes about his experience being interviewed by CNN's Errol Barnett about the Obama inauguration and the CNN's Live / Facebook integration: My CNN Debut.

I commented on his post:
Hi CC,
We watched this from Boston Beer Works last night with a bar full of social media people. They also had CNN up on the big TV’s. We were watching this on Jeff Cutler’s laptop at the bar over free WiFi.

Excellent job.

Most everyone was confused as to the difference between LIVE and CNN. Yesterday’s integration was between LIVE and Facebook, but not CNN the cable news broadcast.

When we were in the bar watching you, it was made clearer since this interview was not live on CNN, but streamed on LIVE.

Sometimes CNN will broadcast segments from LIVE on CNN the cable channel. I saw that on election night from CNN in NYC.

This is a very exciting development and I’d love to integrate Facebook with one of my live broadcasts some time.

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  1. Anonymous2:19 PM

    Yes it was confusing because when they called me they said "would you like to be on CNN" and it wasn't until just before that someone asked me if it was CNN or CNN Live. They obviously don't separate.

    What was cool was that I got called today (not by CNN but by friends) that it was actually airing on CNN the station which is cool to find out.

    The lines are becoming very blurred between where something airs, is viewed and now interacted with.

    I'm calling it the social consumption of media and I've got more then one blog post / podcast / video that I want to talk about it on because it is such an interesting topic.

    Thanks for checking it out.