Saturday, January 31, 2009

Staples Easy Rebates Are Not Easy

I just bought two cases of paper at Staples. It was a buy one get one free deal. But it's not that easy. You don't actually buy one and get one free.

You have to actually buy TWO, then head to the Staples Easy Rebates website, or send a rebate form in by mail, to get your money back.

That is not easy.

This procedure suggests that Staples is counting on people to neglect to follow the steps to claim their rebates. When they don't, Staples gets to keep the momey.

The message it sends to me, the customer, is that they want to make it hard to do business with them.

I would much rather buy one case of paper at Staples and have them give me the second case free, like it says in the ad.

Hopefully Roche Bros won't sign on to the same program. Imagine how much paperwork you'd end up with after a trip to the supermarket!


  1. Steve,

    I saw this ad today. You're totally right. They are working a scam.

    If, for some reason, they HAVE to do the rebate thing, they should at the very least have a kiosk in the store right by the checkout desk so you can get your rebate right away.


  2. Anonymous6:45 PM

    Steve, Compared to other retailers, Staples Easy Rebates is one of the easiest to comply with. You don't have to mail anything in, cut out UPC codes, etc, etc. My only big concern is the check comes back in the form of an overly exposed postcard, ripe for pilfering out of the mail or getting eaten by the postal sorting machine.

    As for a misleading ad, they aren't the first and won't be the last. Did the fine print say it was a rebate offer and not an actual "sale"?

  3. The rebate process seems to be changing. Instead of the check in the mail, I received a debit card with the amount loaded for use as a "credit card" where ever Visa Debit cards are accepted. Needless to say confusing. It didn't work at the first place I tried.

  4. Two years in a row I relied on Staples "Easy Rebate" for black Friday shopping. And every year, about half my rebates are not accepted (with no meaningful explanation given).
    After that experience, I stopped shopping at Staples.

    You're right - they are working a scam.