Sunday, January 18, 2009

Video: Bloggers Thoughts on CES 2009

CES Bloggers

Chris Brogan, Steve Garfield, Ponzi Pirillo, Stacy BeBroff, Vicki Rellas, Melissa Pierce, Greg Verdino, and Joseph Jaffe.

These stills are in the video, Bloggers Thoughts on CES 2009. It's 14:06 minutes long.

John Herman told me that it's the longest video he'd seen me do, and that I should do more. Thanks John. Other people also said that they hadn't seen any video from me other than short live streaming videos.

That's a problem. I've produced a lot of longer form videos. It's just that they are scattered all over. I've got a featured videos page at where you can see videos I've done for Next New Networks, Rocketboom, Spices of Life, and Boston City Councillor John Tobin.

I'm working on a way to better display my archive of videos. When you put your videos in a blog format, it's easy for people to see the most recent, but the archives get burried in the past. I'd love to find a good solution.

There's a shorter version of the CES video here: Panasonic Crayon CES 2009 [ 1:53 ]

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