Tuesday, November 03, 2009

How to Embed a Twitter List on using RSS

Note: This is the correct procedure to get an RSS feed into, but Twitter Lists 2 RSS seems to be having some issues at the moment.

1. Make a Twitter List. Here's one I created for Boston Media Makers attendees.


2. Go to Twitter Lists 2 RSS.

Enter the URL of your Twitter list.

Click Get an RSS Feed.

Then you get an RSS feed:

When you click this link you get a 404 error. That shouldn't happen. I've tweeted Alex, the author, to see if he can take a look. The "lists/lists" part of the URL looks problematic. ;-) Fixed!

3. Follow the steps at on how to make an RSS Widget.

In Wordpress, got to Appearance, Widgets, and drag the RSS Widget to your sidebar.

Add the Twitter RSS feed you just created and save it.

The feed is now displayed on your sidebar.

If there's a problem displaying tweets, it's probably a limit rate between 'Twitter Lists 2 RSS' and twitter.

See it implemented at Boston Media Makers blog.


It'll get better. ;-)

It got better.

Twiter unveils twitter list widget. Wordpress .com strips out the script code in the Text/HTML wdget though. Lame.

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