Friday, November 13, 2009

Chase Credit Card Rewards Program is No Longer Rewarding

Chase provides credit cards for the Rewards Credit Card.

The Good Old Days
The program used to run smoothly.

When you spent $2,500, you'd automatically get a $25 Amazon Gift Certificate in the mail.

The good part about it was that you didn't have to do anything, and happy little $25 surprises would end up being delivered to your mailbox.

I used to wonder why they didn't credit the $25 directly to my Amazon.comn account, but figured that they make money on those people who never cash in the gift certificates. That's one way they make money.

Improved System Isn't
Now the Chase Rewards Credit Card has been improved. Now you can choose from a wide range of rewards including retail establishments, travel, and magazines. You can also choose the Amazon Gift Certificate, but there's a catch.

Now you have to visit the site to redeem your points.

It's another impediment to claiming your reward. So for someone like me, who liked it the way it was, the improved system is a downgrade.

Three Weeks to Get a Reward
Here's my rewards redemption from today:

Ordered on Nov 13.
Shipping on Nov 17.
Delivery on December 3.

Automatic and Electronic Would Be Better
It would be so much better if my Amazon account was automatically credited online, and I didn't have to deal with the Chase redemption system, or keying in the gift codes from hard copy certificates that are delivered, weeks later, via US Mail.

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