Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Kodak Zi8 Walks into a Bar and Shoots a Video

Derek Wilmot video, shot with Kodak Zi8, Sima light, ATR 3550 microphone, after #SMCBoston at Cambridge Brewing Company with @stevegarfield @jimstorer @realtweeter @mattsearles @gregpc.


  1. A few nice features, and onboard editing helps a bit, but for a unit that doesn’t come with Mac compatible software it uses the Apple file type, .mov which won’t work with many video applications including Microsoft Movie Maker. If you only want to upload to You Tube then fine, this looks very nice. But I like to edit and make DVDs, and Kodak & Nikon won’t cut it with the .mov files. And when I’ve tried converting them they look terrible.

  2. Try Windows Moviemaker if you have Windows 7.

    Otherwise you might try Handbrake to convert.