Monday, November 09, 2009

Making TV at PodCamp NH

I only made it up to PodCamp NH for Sunday, but it was a great day. Everything was wonderful about this PodCamp. The venue, the people, and the sessions.

I loved how they put on a live tv show in 45 minutes using Livestream. Great job on that. I took the opportunity to learn how to shoot video with Roger H. Goun on his Canon EOS 7d. We collaborated on a quick edit and posted to YouTube. I can see why people love the video capabilities of this camera. Next time I get to try one, I'll do a rack focus.

NH Media Makers was also fun. Great meeting lots of new people.

Here's my Great Web Videos Made Easy Presentation. It highlights from my book, Get Seen, that I normally present in 3 hours. This time I had 45 minutes. What a blast.

My mom's blog is at My Mom's Blog. ;-)

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