Monday, November 09, 2009

Cinematographers Round Table - FilmFellas

FilmFellas Cast 6: “The DP Edition” features an eclectic mix of cinematographers from all spectrums of the independent film scene: Robert Primes, ASC (Thirty Something), Trent Opaloch (District 9), Philip Bloom (If I were Prime Minister) and first time host Jens Bogehegn, Cinematographer/Producer of FilmFellas/critics.

The dynamics of such an award winning cast of major players brings forth lively round table discussions from a unique set of perspectives and diverse points-of-view. FilmFellas Cast 6 covers such topics as: creative freedom; the art of collaboration, maintaining the vision/direction of the film, the challenging DP/Director relationship, and cutting edge “game changers” and techniques in cinematography.

Jens Bogehegn (Cinematographer/Producer of FilmFellas/critics)
Robert Primes, ASC (Cinematographer)
Trent Opaloch (Cinematographer)
Phillip Bloom (Independent DP and Director)

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