Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Martha Coakley, why haven't you saved more money?


Democratic Primary Debate at WGBH: Transcript Time! - Bostonist:
"ER: Coakley, why haven't you saved more money?

Coakley: I've worked as a public servant for a long time now. I put money into a house, sold it to run for office. State pension, money in home, insurance. Husband has assets. 'I think we've focused on what's important to us.... I've never made a big salary.'

ER: Is it a point of pride not to have money?

Coakley: It's neither here nor there."
What do you think? Do you want someone representing us that hasn't saved much money?

Managing personal finances and planning for the future are important personal triats.

Can we entrust Martha Coakley to represent Massachusetts?


  1. What's the context here? Does she have a negative net worth or something?

  2. "The Globe reported yesterday that Coakley was the only candidate, in disclosures due to the Senate by this week, to report that neither she nor her spouse had any reportable financial asset worth more than $1,000."

  3. The way the democrats are spending in congress, she'll fit right in.