Sunday, February 21, 2010

I've Got a Blog at

I just noticed that has rolled out a feature where readers can have their own blogs.

It's easy enough to create.

Here's my blog at

It would be nice if it had an easier to navigte to URL.

Steve Garfield's Blog at

Some nice features are:

1. The ability to create your own title.

2. The ability to provide your blog with a unique image

3. THe ability to set up a blogroll of your favorite sites.

Some features that need further enhancement are:

1. Allow embedding of HTML. I'd like to post flickr photos without having to re-upload them to

2. Alow editing of HTML. This would allow editing of uploaded image display size. Now, if your photo is too big, you have to resize it and re-upload.

3. Allow more of the blog post to show up on the blog page when there's a photo at the top. Right now, 'Read More >>' just shows the text and omits the image.

The full post can be seen when you click the post's permalink.

Where Are the Blogs?
Finally, what I'd like to know is if is going to feature any of the reader's blogs or blog posts on the site. I'd like to see readers posts integrated with the news content and not relegated to a blog ghetto.

BostonNOW did it right:

BostonNOW Copley

As of now, I can't even find a page that lists user created blogs. All they have is a list of their own blogs.

Update: They also list Boston Area Blogs but not those hosted on yet.

What's Your Blog?
If you create a blog at, please leave a link in the comments.


  1. New England Blogs:
    I didn't see yours there ...

  2. They've got a list of Boston area blogs that people have created themselves. I should be on there but they have it categorized in such a way that requires the blog to have a theme or topic. They don't just list people.

    What I'm looking for is a listing of HOSTED reader blogs like the one I just created above.

    Two different things.

  3. OK - anyone with an account at can create a blog. I just did it.

  4. Hi Steve, thanks for sharing this informative and very well written article. I had no idea you could get your own blog on Its a shame that they didn't provide you with the same courtesy you showed them by allowing them to display your videos. If you don't mind I'm going to submit a link to your site on Digg and some other social sites. I'm also going to mention this to someone I know who publishes a great blog on Boston condos. It seems to work for you too, I searched your name on and tons of links came up.