Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Teaching Videoblogging, Live Video and Jimmy Fallon at Emerson's Social Media Class

I had such a blast at David Gerzof's Emerson College Social Media class last night.

My Videoblogging History and Jimmy Fallon.

@stevegarfield author of Get Seen speaking with #ESM

I began with a brief overview of how I got started in videoblogging, then told the story of how Jimmy Fallon used videoblogging to have a conversation with the audience when he was putting together Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

As I told the story, and showed the videos, Jimmy saw the tagged #ESM activity on twitter and sent a shout out to the class.

Very cool!

Video Tools You Can Use.

I then got into showing the tools you can use to record and share video from the device you have in your pocket.

I gave a brief demonstration of the Kodak Zi8, Panasonic Fx-37 and iPhone.

Showed how you can use an XShot to do a crane shot.

@stevegarfield is showing us the xshot in #ESM on Twitpic

I asked everyone in the class who had the ability to record video to come up to the front, then I described my thought process behind shooting a live video. Then as they videoed me, I showed how you can go live using Qik from an iPhone.

How Should Students brand themselves and use social media to get hired?

Answer: Look at what Yifei Zhang did when he wanted to get hired by Hubspot. He created a blog about him wanting to get hired by Hubspot, Hey Hubspot! That landed him an interview.

Emerson Social Media Blog Post: ESM Reaches 4.3 Million People.

Disclosure: Kodak, Panasonic and XShot

         Gift from @stevegarfield's gift to #ESM !

You can read some of these stories and learn how to put video online in my book, Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business.

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