Monday, February 15, 2010

6 applications to Record Skype Voice and/or Video Calls

6 applications to Record Skype Voice and/or Video Calls

For PC Users
CallBurner [Audio]
Pamela [Audio/Video]
CamStudio [Screen Recorder]

VodBurner [Video] Freeware
I got a quick demo of VodBurner and it looks like a nice application that allows to you switch between an individual shot of each person, or a two shot featuring both callers.

For Mac Users
CallRecorder [Audio/Video]
Snap Z Pro X [Screen Capture]

Disclosure: List provided by KaplowPR.

Other options to consider:

Camstasia Screen Recorder [PC/Mac]
Quicktime Player 10.0 [Screen Recorder]

What do you suggest?

Update 9/26/10 from Cliff Ravenscraft:
There are a bunch of solutions for the Mac:
Audio Hijack

Call Recorder


WireTap Pro

Here are solutions for the PC

Hot Recorder





Total Recorder


  1. Screenflow for Mac

  2. Thanks. There are so many screen recorders. I used KaplowPR's list as a starting point, then realized how many screen recorders that were not on the list. I've got them listed in my book too! The cool thing about VodBurner is that it allows you to edit the recorded video as if you were in a tv studio with a switcher. Looking forward to trying it out myself.

  3. There is so many application but Skype is one of my fevorite application.My family lives in NY and I uses skype from last two this new option just fill up fragrance in my life.distance love will get more boost.
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  4. You may also want to try MX Skype Recorder which is stable and fulfills its duties. Well, at least it never let me down. Hope it'll help.