Monday, February 01, 2010

The Hat of the Warm and Familiar

My post is up today at the 3six5 project. It's all about a day in NYC.
Check out that hat! I bought it this weekend while in NYC. I'm from Boston and am here for a week of events and meetings.

It's cold. Very cold.

I don't like the cold. I've always wanted one of these crazy hunter hats and got this one because the price was right. Really right.

Now it's mine, and keeping me warm.

What's also kept me warm, on the cold streets of New York, is the familiar.
Read the whole post.

I had to choose one photo to highlight the post, so I chose this one with the hat.

Here are some other photos from the day.

I slept in.


Coffee, Juice and Water with a Street View at Lily's at Roget Smith Hotel.

Coffee, Juice and Water with a Street View at Lily's

Lily's Frittita. Best Ever!

Lily's Frittita

Marketing with Social Technology books at at Barnes & Noble in New York City.

Marketing with Social Technology at Barnes & Noble

Worst Couple Ever: Ke$ha and Justin Bieber

I love Ke$ha, but putting her with Justin Bieber. Lame.

Worst Couple Ever: Ke$ha and Justin Bieber

The 3six5 project is 365 days told by 365 different people.

Here's who's gone before me:
1/1/10 Joseph Jaffe
1/2/10 Jason Theodor
1/3/10 David Israel
1/4/10 Tac Anderson
1/5/10 Jill Jaracz
1/6/10 Kris Dunlop
1/7/10 James A. Reeves
1/8/10 Ian Sohn
1/9/10 Saneel Radia
1/10/10 Sameer Padania
1/11/10 Jinal Sh ah
1/12/10 Brian Mazzaferri
1/13/10 Johnathan Bonnell
1/14/10 Jon Lombardo
1/15/10 Jonathan Hills
1/16/10 John Winsor
1/17/10 Kari Cobham
1/18/10 Aaron Goldman
1/19/10 George Parker
1/20/10 Yuri Victor
1/21/10 David Phillips
1/22/10 Mel Exon
1/23/10 Kelly Eidson
1/24/10 DJ Francis
1/25/10 Jordan Buntain
1/26/10 Tomas Leach
1/27/10 Kelley Bozarth
1/28/10 Natalie Barrass
1/29/10 Jessica Dobias
1/30/10 Julio Ojeda-Zapata
Here's a complete list of authors.

Visit the 3six5 Project.

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