Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Reinventing the News: What the students are saying

I recently visited Dan Kennedy's Reinventing the News class at Northeastern. One thing I like about visiting his class, in addition to talking with the students, is that he has them write up a blog post about guest lecturer's visits.

At Northeastern, Reinventing the News - Spring 2010

Here's a sampling of what the students are saying:

The Churchville Press - Steve Garfield:
Steve Garfield, video blogging guru and author of “Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business”, recently made a great presentation to our Reinventing the News class on Monday. In his talk he shared a few of his experiences with us over the years of his video work and also shared some advice on how to become a real video blog master.
the baglady in lace - Oh Pioneers!
A true pioneer on the video blogging frontier, Garfield was posting videos online in 2004, a year before YouTube even hit the scene. Since, his work has flashed across television and computer screens nationwide through networks like CNN, the BBC and Rocketboom, morphing Garfield into some sort of guru in the art of getting seen, an expertise which he further explains in the book he recently released: “Get Seen: Online Video Secrets.”
Bay Area Sports from Boston - Steve Garfield:
I think one of the best examples of first-person video reporting he gave us was his walkthrough at his Jamaica Plain voting center from election day 2008. He was told he couldn’t videotape anything, but he knew the law and tried to explain to the people there he could, in fact, videotape the surroundings. Ultimately he left, but getting the entire process on video like that provides insight that you can’t really express with words.
STATE YOUR NAME - Another Famous Garfield:
Garfield began blogging in 1997, but it was not until 2004 when he started to Vlog (believe it or not Garfield came before YouTube, folks! Impressive!).

Now, with the creation of new media and phone video devices, Garfield is vlogging more than ever before.

“I can click a button and send a video to YouTube.” said an excited Garfield “We now have the ability to both record and share with a device from your pocket!
L.H.P erspective - The Video Blogger:
Things have changed so much since Garfield began video blogging. Now, it is not that hard for any regular person to get their stuff seen. Using CNN as his example, Garfield illustrated that all you have to do is upload your information onto their website and you’ve got a chance of having your video appear on CNN.
mark disalvo [dot] com - Video Blogging and Social Media Expert, Steve Garfield Stops By:
Steve Garfield is the type of guy that had a vision and stuck to it, for no reason other than it’s what he enjoyed doing. Entrepreneur may not even be the appropriate word, but I’m sure that’s the label most will slap on him.

He stopped by Northeastern yesterday to explain his approach to video blogging, which is where he’s found much of his individual success. As he described it, he’s been doing it since 2004, before YouTube.
Island Empress - How to be seen:
Blogging has become one of the most popular forms of social networking. Today, companies are trying to market to various demographics through websites like Twitter and Facebook. For inspiring media sensations, the most difficult part of blogging is getting people to follow your blog posts and comment on them. Steve Garfield, who I consider to be a Video Blogging Extraordinaire, was a guest speaker in our “Reinventing the News” class and shared his passion for blogging and offered some tips on how to get seen.
Boston is a playground - Steve Garfield visits NU:
Steve Garfield, longtime video blogging expert, visited my Reinventing the News class. Garfield works with companies such as AT&T, Nokia, Kodak and and Panasonic, as well as media outlets like CBS, ABC and PBS. He came to our class to talk about taking video while reporting. The next chapter of the class will be on taking video, so Garfield kindly joined us to offer his words of wisdom.
Elitist Scum - Taking the bull by the horns…:
Sometimes Garfield creates these reports on nothing more than his iPhone, streaming his videos through sources like Qik.com and saving them to YouTube.
this blog is a mover - Guest Speaker: Steve Garfield:
When asked how we can make vlogging into a career, Garfield replied that we should use these tools more to extend our reach in the world of web journalism.

“Get a job that pays you money,” he said. “This is your passion, that you should pursue in addition to that thing.”
passion for fashion - The world of videoblogging:
Garfield emphasized that being able to make money off of the thing you love takes time. But investing time into something, even if you’re doing it for free, can often pay off in the long run, as it has for him.

Red Sunglasses - Hi, I’m Steve Garfield from stevegarfield.com…
Steve Garfield is a video blogging expert who has been on the edge of the field since before YouTube (I know, I can’t remember that far back either, but it was only 2005!). He is the author of “Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business.” When he came and spoke to my class, he had some advice: Own your own name on the web (as he does, which you can see from the title of this post), and post, post, post, which clearly, I don’t always follow.

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