Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Can Massachusetts State Senator John Kerry tell the Difference between a Cod and a Salmon?

Ed Shahzade tweets in to tell us that John Kerry's Senate Site pictures a Salmon as the State Fish. He knows I like this kind of thing:

@stevegarfield Have a laugh- The senate webmaster has a salmon as our state fish Cape Codders rise up! :DTue Sep 07 11:54:29 via web

That's a Salmon on John Kerry's Site

Massachusetts State Fish

Maine State Fish

I wouldn't have caught this.

I'm more familiar with Salmon at Whole Foods Market or on a plate.

Salmon at Legal C Bar

Would you have caught this?

The comments say that iStockphoto has this fish labeled incorrectly.

Postings to twitter are calling the fish a Trout.


  1. Anonymous10:09 AM

    This drives me nuts. I've written in the past about a huge pet peeve of local restaurants that advertise locally caught fresh fish and then adorn the menus and decor of a Northeast Fish Shack with Tropical fish like Mahi Mahi. Ughhhh

    Here's my rant from last year-

  2. Anonymous1:45 PM

    looks like the real culprit was the image tagged there as a 'cod' is a salmon!

  3. Kerry probably asked the chef on his yacht for a suggestion.