Wednesday, September 22, 2010

[Video] The Office copies Jakob Lodwick and Lip Dubs Nobody But Me

Ryan's shirt says “Do You Wuphf?”

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Wikipedia: Lip Dub:
Jakob Lodwick, the founder of Vimeo, coined the term "lip dubbing" on December 14, 2006, in a video entitled Lip Dubbing: Endless Dream. In the video's description, he wrote, "I walked around with a song playing in my headphones, and recorded myself singing. When I got home I opened it in iMovie and added an MP3 of the actual song, and synchronized it with my video. Is there a name for this? If not, I suggest 'lip dubbing'.


  1. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Is this the full lip-dub or the shortened version that has been floating around? If it is the full version do you know if i could find it anywhere besides Hulu? They do not offer service where i am located.

  2. It's the only version I saw and seems like a full version to me, I mean what did they leave out?

  3. I had to replace the original hulu clip with an NBC clip. They hulu clip expired.