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Friday, September 10, 2010

Bloglines Shutting Down on October 1

Bloglines is shutting down on October 1st.

My Bloglines Feeds

As you can see, I haven't been reading my RSS feeds all that much. I get the majority of my news from the real-time web including twitter and Facebook.

That matches up with this post at, Bloglines Update:
The Internet has undergone a major evolution. The real-time information RSS was so astute at delivering (primarily, blog feeds) is now gained through conversations, and consuming this information has become a social experience. As Steve Gillmor pointed out in TechCrunch last year, being locked in an RSS reader makes less and less sense to people as Twitter and Facebook dominate real-time information flow. Today RSS is the enabling technology – the infrastructure, the delivery system. RSS is a means to an end, not a consumer experience in and of itself. As a result, RSS aggregator usage has slowed significantly, and Bloglines isn’t the only service to feel the impact.. The writing is on the wall.

I'll be sad to see Bloglines go, but I guess I won't miss it that much.