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Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Future of Video: Low Cost, Live, Easy, User Lead, Interactive and In your Head!

The Future of Video presented by Steve Garfield at PodCamp Boston 5 9/25/10 as part of The Visual Suspects session.

Photo by SeanZinsmeister, on Flickr

Low Cost/Higher Quality
Pocket HD Video Cameras like the Kodak PlayTouch Video Camera (affiliate link) keep adding features at a lower cost. The microphone jack also doubles as a headphone jack.

Sites like Livestream, Ustream, and Qik let anyone broadcast live with a webcam or a cellphone.

Easy Webcam Recording
A large percentage of YouTube and Facebook are direct recordings from webcams.

User Lead in 10 Minutes
Visible Gains allows non-editors to combine clips into videos and create user directed videos where the path of the video is selected by the viewer.

Interacting in Real Time with Broadcast
I am experimenting with interactiing with realtime broadcasts at The Pulse Network on my new show

Camera in Your Head
Looxcie Wearable Bluetooth Camcorder System with White Camera Boom (affiliate link) was recently released and records everything!

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Photo by @ww3

I'm an investor in Qik and on the advisory board of Visible Gains.