Wednesday, September 22, 2010

[Video] Three subjects, briefly montaged in wigglegram

BOY, GIRL, CITY (PART ONE) from Odwick on Vimeo.

Season Two, Episode Five.
Designed by Jake Lodwick. Featuring Eric Lyle Lodwick, Jenna Levine. Music by Brian Jacobs.
I wanted to play with the 'wigglegram' technique I've seen in many animated gifs online. The result is more of a series of photographs than a video, and perhaps feels a bit out of place as an Odwick video.

I'm beginning to gain confidence in my approach to filmmaking, gaining clarity on my motives, my goals. It's really simple. I want to start telling stories. Not 'making videos' but telling stories in the medium of video (or film). If I could go back, I would make this video into a (short) story, but this motive clarity didn't come until too late in the project.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the piece, even though it's a bit insubstantial. We're halfway through the season yet, and honestly I feel that I'd just been warming up until now. The next five videos might be where it starts to get interesting, or, at least, where my ambition leads us to a strange new place.
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