Friday, September 10, 2010

7 Tips for BlogWorld Expo

Chris Brogan just wrote, 9 Ways to Rock BlogWorldExpo.

I answered in the comments on his post and want to share my thoughts over here too.

A quick list of my tips for BlogWorld Expo:

Qik and Mogulus on the NME screens

Be Prepared to Answer a Question that Chris Brogan Has For You
1. Be prepared to answer the question, " has your use of video has changed over the last year, and where are you headed in 2011." LOL

Gordon Biersch

Have A Nice Dinner
2. Have a nice dinner with a small group. Large groups have a problem deciding where to go if there's no leader, and they end up at the same kind of chain restaurant that you could go to in your home town.

Three Practical Tips for Video Recording

Show and Tell
3. If you are presenting, give people some specific knowledge that they can take away from the event. I like to do more SHOW, than TELL.

Talking with Search Engine World

Come to My Session on Introduction to Videoblogging
4. If you want to make sure we connect, come to my session on "videopodcasting 101", (they wouldn't let me change the name), is Friday 12:15 - 1:15 PM in Tradewinds E&F 7. I'll also be doing a book signing at the Wiley booth from on Friday from 2-3.

Natalie Gelman and Dan McVicar

Say Hello
5. If you see me in a hallway, make sure you say hello. It's going to be a lot like SXSW where you'll only see someone for a moment, and if you don't say hi then, you might not see them again.

Lisa Bettany, Steve Garfield, Sarah Austin at New Media Expo

I'm Not Too Busy to Say Hi
6. If I look like I'm busy, come say hi anyway. See above. Like Chris, I don't like hearing that I looked like I was too busy to talk to. I'm not.

Las Vegas

Email to Keep in Touch
7. If you want to keep in touch after meeting someone, stop and send them an email right away. Say something like, "we just met at blogworldexpo and I want to make sure we stay in touch, here's my info."

See you in Vegas.

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