Saturday, September 18, 2010

Costco Canvas Prints

I got a coupon to try out Costco Canvas Prints. I went in to Costco with my USB drive full of photos to get two prints made to see how the quality is.

When you put in your USB drive, the computer at the photo center copies all your content to the hard drive. I wonder when that gets erased?

I chose two photos and was presented with a cropped image. The image showed which parts of hte photo were going to be wrapped around the edge of hte canvas. I didn't want any part of hte phot wrapped, so I clicked to 'add a border.' Pictured here is a sample that shows ho the black border is on the edge so your photo doesn't get cropped.

After selecting the black border you don't get to see the revised crop of your image. You should.

So I contiued my order.

We'll see how the final crop ends up.

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