Thursday, September 23, 2010

FlipShare now Integrates with Twitter

The new version of FlipShare Video editing software, Version 5.8, for the Flip camera now integrates with twitter.

Three Steps to Share Flip Video on Twitter

1. From FlipShare you click the 'Online' button in the Share area.

2. Then you enter in the text of the tweet.

3. Click Share.

FlipShare Ready To Share
The New Twitter Feature of FlipShare

Testing Flip's FlipShare to Twitter integration. #FlipVideo! Sep 23 13:09:39 via Flip Video

Tweet Sent out From FlipShare

The first time you share with twitter, you have to enter in your twitter username and password.

Video on
Video on [ link ]

I don't see a way to embed videos.

Here's the same video uploaded to YouTube.

The video you choose to share via twitter doesn't get hosted on twitter. No video does. It gets hosted on Flip's FlipShare site.

It would be nice if you could upload to YouTube or Facebook and send out a tweet with a link to either of those sites.

My Verdict:
Twitter integration with FlipShare is poorly implemented. If the only videos you can share on twitter are hosted videos, I don't see this feature being used much, if at all.

It's a lot easier to upload to YouTube and use the social media sharing available there, or just share the link to the YouTube video on twitter yourself.

FlipShare Video editing software, Version 5.8, installation note:

FlipShare ReadMe.txt Installation Instructions Aren't Right

Instructions say:

To install FlipShare:
Open FLIPVIDEO and launch "Setup_FlipShare" (PC) or "Start Flipshare" (Mac).

But the program name on a Mac is "Install Flipshare"

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