Sunday, September 05, 2010

Mac and PC Solution for Multiple Video Conference

Is there a solution for having multiple Mac and PC users on a Skype chat? I'm looking into solutions for on The Pulse Network.

CNN used to do this on LIVE.

Skype just rolled out a BETA for multiple PC users to join a Skype 10-way video chat conference, but it excludes Mac users for now.

Leo Laporte uses his home grown Skypeasaurus for TWiT.

I talk about recording multiple people in a video chat, in my book, Get Seen, and look at these sites:

Tokbox -
Stickam -
ooVoo -
Tinychat -
ea-tel -

Above links from Get Seen - LINKS (Footnotes).

How would you do it?

First try at Tinychat


Searching for solutions, I just found yakity. Tried it?

The Best Solution is Seamless
The best solution would make it seamless for the user. That's why something like Skype is a good solution because lots of people already have it. Other solutions that are web based and allow logins with existing accounts like twitter would also make it easy for people to use.

BTW, PC's use video iChat, right? I don't use iChat anymore.

Also just found this interesting post:

Videoconferencing For Apple Computers

Please post your suggestions for a Mac and PC Solution, for a Multiple Video Conference, in the comments.

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