Sunday, May 28, 2006

Have Money Will Vlog

Have Money Will Vlog is a new project to help fund vloggers. On the main page it gives a status of 51 - 75% funds pledged for Chis Weagal's American King project.

I asked Jay Dedman what that means.

Jay answers:
This is from

This means that between 51-75% of the $1,000 Chris needs has been pledged.

If he doesn't reach this goal in 28 days....he gets none of the money.

This is to make sure the community as a whole supports it.
It's a clever way to make sure you only fund a winner.

Right now, we've gotten $740 pledged.

We're almost there.

This will pay for a month so Chris can edit a new series.
American King is a new documentary videoblog series from Human Dog Productions. It follows Garrett Lambert (video, video) convicted of embezzlement at 19, through the end of his probation, and out of reality. I found that Garrett's apathetic attitude to life epitomized my generation's approach to life. I also found him very funny. American King will be a video blog series with 1-2 videos posted per week, each running between 2-10 minutes. The goal is to end up with between 30-40 videos total. Your donation will allow me to devote a month to editing the first section of American King and get a head start on posting them.
Chris' video proposal.
The Have Money Will Vlog site has you sign on to PayPal, if you are funding the project with PayPal, then when you get over to the site there is another PayPal button. If you click it and enter your PayPal info again, you've just made a second donation.

Go over to the fundable page to make a donation directly with them.

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