Monday, May 08, 2006

People are Ford

Kelly Clarkson sings GO [ mp3 ] Ford Motor Company's new "Bold Moves" anthem.

I was telling Eric Rice earlier today that Ford's new ad campaign really made an impression on me. They are emphasising people in their new ads. I saw one of their ads in Business Week magazine and the picture of a little girl made an impression on me, as did the Ford brand.

Also, on last night's ( TiVo time-shifted ) Alias, the talk about how quiet the electric Ford was, also left an impression.
"I see you finally got a Ford Hybrid"

"Electric - good for when you need to be quiet"

followed by a zoom in of the "Hybrid" plate on the car when they park. [1]
Too bad you can't easily find which car they were talking about either on the Ford or Alias website.

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