Thursday, May 11, 2006 The Greatest Site in the History of the Internet

Mike Miliard of the Boston Phoenix wonders if YouTube will go the way of Napster in his article, Get it while you can:
"A couple of months ago, a man with the screen name x-amount logged on to , the blog he maintains with a few of his friends, and made a pronouncement. “YouTube’s obviously blowing up. We’re living in that Napster-like magic moment where you simply can’t believe the kinds of historic stuff available to you with just a simple search. Which means of course that it’s all gonna get shut down ANY MINUTE.”"
Mike Miliard might just be the greated writer in the history of the Boston Phoenix.

Check out the full article to learn what's happening at YouTube and other sites like it. I've got to go watch Conan O'Brien's failed TV pilot Lookwell now.

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  1. All you had to write was "Lookwell" and I gasped in glee!

    I saw the Lookwell pilot at the Coolidge Corner Theatre a few years back -- jaw-dropping, thigh-slapping hilarity!